About us

We are a digital marketing agency with ceaseless determination, commitment, and creativity. We believe in the potential of our creative team's perseverance to continuously be the reason behind our lasting success.


What we do

Aside from the job scope, development, and experience, what itcanners value most is our positive environment that makes them feel good about coming to work, our strong team spirit, and the ability to leave their mark successfully.

Working with us

Space Creativity

Our creative office space reflects our innovative and inspiring work environment where work is more fun to do and communication between teams is facilitated.

Collaboration and Teamwork

At itcan, teamwork is the foundation of effective and high-performing teams. It results in rapid and accurate problem-solving and innovative solution provision.

Career Development

We believe in the potential of each of our itcanners; thus, we are keen on providing them continuous guidance and encouragement to develop their careers.

Cultural Diversity

Itcan speaks 10 languages because of its embrace to different cultures. Our ability to understand, accept, and respect one another is what makes us different.

Fun Time

We always make sure to create lovely memories over a delicious weekly team lunch, a monthly enjoyable outing, or our itcanners' birthdays.

Employee Empowerment

Find yourself in a place that empowers you to own your career. We encourage itcanners to use all of their resources and talent to reach their full potential.

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We still have a long way to go, this is just a begining

Our Start

In 2015, an ambitious team of 4 in a small office in Dubai launched into the thriving world of digital marketing and were the first to leverage social media's most powerful assets, influencers.

The Early Days

In the same year, we established our second branch in Cairo, Egypt. In 2016, we expanded into a team of 16 itcanners in Dubai and our success reached KSA which resulted in a third branch in Dammam.


Today, we are more than 50 employees across UAE, KSA, and Egypt with expertise in performance marketing, app development, and digital marketing focusing on the fashion, beauty, and electronics industry.

The Future

Over the next years, we aspire to bring more value to the e-commerce industry and expand into different regions by continuously hiring talented people at itcan.